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Co-Op. Credit Society
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Co-Op. Credit Society

The society was established in February 1996 to meet the financial needs of the employees of the college. Prof. Ashok G. Shete, Shri A. V. Kinge, Prof. Ajgaonkar, Shri Suresh Gurav, Shri R.D. Kamble, Shri Magar Raosaheb, Mrs. Supriya Mantri, Late shri Rajendra Mhatre etc. took initiative in starting the society in Dec. 1995, and the society came into existence and started functioning in February 1996.

Vice Principal Prof. Ashok G. Shete is the chairman of the society from the beginning i.e. since 1996 and since then the society has made a continuous progress due to the excellent co-operation and involvement of all the past and present members of the Managing Committees and of the society.  The administrative and accounting work of the society is efficiently looked after by the Accountant Shri Popat Pol and Assistant Shri Anar Rathod.

Recently in Feb’ 2013 the society has been awarded the “EXCELLENT (BEST) SOCIETY AWARD” by the Confederation of Mumbai – Konkan Regional Employees Co-Operative Credit Societies Ltd, Mumbai.

The society has earned continuously ‘A’ grade from the beginning and gives loan upto Rs. 800000/- @ 12.5% p.a. to its members depending on their repayment capacity.  The turnover is about 2.8 crore. Till today there are no bad debts.

Following are the highlights of the society:

  1. Grade                                                           - ‘A’
  2. Authorised capital                               – Rs. 2 crore
  3. Deposits from members                      – Rs. 73 lacs
  4. Reserves                                             – Rs. 28 lacs
  5. Loan limit                                           – upto 8 lacs @ 12.5% p.a.
  6. Dividend                                             – 12% to 15%
  7. Turnover                                            – 2.80 crore approximately
  8. Welfare activities/ facilities
    • Retirement benefit                   – Rs. 15000/-
    • Emergency help on medical ground
    • Prizes to meritorious children/wards of the members of the society.
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