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Names of Committee members

  • Ms. Manik Tembe
  • Mrs. Pooja Kulkarni
  • Mrs. Shilpa Bhise

Academic year 2010-2011

  • Origami workshop  

  • Mathematical treasure hunt

  • Expert lectures by Prof. : Madhav Rao (HOD, K.J. Somaiya College) for T.Y.B.Com students.

Academic year 2011-2012

  • U.G.C. Sponsored One day ‘University Level’ seminar on ‘Challenges in Mathematics Education on 17th Sept. 2011
  • Chief quest and key note address by : Dr. Hemachdra Pradhan
    Resource Persons
    Dr. Subramaium (HBSC)
    Dr. Anil Vaidya
    Dr. Mangala Manohar (University Dept.)
    Dr. Limaye (I.I.T.)

Academic year 2012-2013

  • Lecture by our past student Mr. Aditya Garg on July 7th 2012. (Ramanujan Number) 

  • Two-day workshop on ‘Math – Magic’ for S. Y. B. Sc. Comp. Sc. Students on 10th & 11th Oct. 2012


1)       ‘Mathematical treasure hunt’ competition was conducted during Turunotsav. All F.Y.B.Sc. students participated and enjoyed this activity in which they were supposed to solve different puzzles  based on mathematics and logic.

2)       On 10th Jan 2011 a workshop on ‘’ Origami’ was organized. Prof. Kiran More and Prof. Anushree Tambe were invited to conduct this workshop.

3)       Students were writing mathematical quotations on board. Every week they were selecting a different quote.

           2011 – 12

           Mathematics Department organized a one day University level seminar on “Challenges in Mathematics Education” on 18th Sep. 2011. The seminar was sponsored by UGC. 50 teachers from other colleges attended this seminar. Following were resource persons for the seminar.

1)      Dr. Hemachandra Pradhan (Director of Homi Bhaba Centre for Science Education).

2)      Dr. Subramaniam from HBCSE spoke on “Mathematics Education at School level”.

3)      Dr.Anil Vaidya from Vaze College spoke on “Constructivism in Mathematic Education”

4)      Dr. Mangala Mandhar from dept. Of Mathematics in University of Mumbai spoke on “Challenges in mathematics Education in the fast changing world”.

5)      Dr. Limaye From I.I.T. Mumbai was Chief Guest for Validictory session. He spoke on ‘Higher Education in Mathematics’.


           Year 2012   was declared as National Mathematics year in order to celebrate 125th birth anniversary of the eminent Indian Mathematician Shrinivas Ramanujan. In order to make this year memorable our college organized following programs.

1)      A Lecture on “Ramanujan Number” by our past student Mr.Aditya Garg who is doing his M.Sc. in I.I.T Delhi.

2)      A two day workshop on ‘Mathemagic’ for S.Y.B.Sc. students was conducted by Prof. Manik Tembe.

3)      A two day state level seminar ‘Journey Through Mathematics’ was organized on 26th & 27th Dec 20-12 for degree college Students 47 students from different colleges attended this seminar.


A presentation on “Story of Definition of Limit” was organized for F.Y. and s.Y.B.Sc. students

1)      Prof. Manik Tembe gave a presentation on ‘History of the definition’.

2)      Prof. Mandar Khasnis from C.H.M. College gave presentation on “Understanding definition of limit with the help of software”.

3)      Year 2014 was celebrated as 900th birth anniversary of Indian Mathematician and astronomer Bhaskarachary. Mathematis Association organized a full day workshop on “Bhaskaracharya  Life and contributions”. Prof. Mohan Apte was the resource person for this workshop. 116 Students from our college and nearby schools attended this workshop.

4)      A book exhibition was arranged at the time of workshop.

5)      A poster exhibition was displayed at the time of workshop.

           2014 -1 5

1)      In the month of August, Prof. Asha Chugh from CHM College gave a presentation on “mathematical Algorithms with Origami”.

2)      Mathematics Department started a "Basic Course in Mathematics for competitive exams." The course consists of 12 sessions of 2 hours each. Prof. Ajeet Yadav conducted this course. Prof. Ashwini Ranade was course co-ordinator. 55 students attended this certificate course.

3)      A one day workshop," A journey through a facinating world of mathematics" was conductd for nearby school children. It was sponcered by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad". 93 students and 6 teachers attended this workshop. Dr. Vivek Patkar, Prof. Mohan Apate, Prof. Asha Chugh and Prof.Manik Tembe were resourse persons.

4)      A two day workshop on "Advance Excel" was organised for T.Y.B.Com students. Prof. Madhav Rav from Somaiya College was the resourse person for this workshop.


1.  A 4 day workshop on "Vaidic Mathematics" was organised for T.Y.B.Com students Mr.  Conducted this workshop.

2.   A presentation on "John Nash:Life and Contributions" by Dr. Vivek Patkar was organised for S.Y.B.Sc. students.


3. Second batch of "BASIC COURSE IN MATHEMATICS FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS" started in July. 57 students enrolled and completed the course successfully.

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