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Student's Welfare Fund
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Student's Welfare Fund

Students who belong to financially weaker families and do not get any help from Government Scholarships/ Freeships can avail the facility of S.W.F.

There is a committee to scrutinize the application forms and to sanction amounts to the needy students. Students having no parents or having only a single parent are given preference under this scheme.

SWF committee members 2015-16: 

Dr. Vidyagauri Lele (Principal)
Mrs. Ashwini Ranade (In charge)
Mrs. Akila Maheshwari (PNG unit)
Mrs. Rama Sakhalkar 
Mrs. Manjusha Karad
Mr. Mangesh Ghodke (Librarian)
Mr. Suresh Gurav (Accounts' section, college office)

SWF Committee Junior College 2015-16 
Dr. Vidyagauri Lele (Principal)
Mrs. Sunita Nair (Vice Principal)

Students' Welfare Fund (SWF) is mainly utilized to help financially weaker students of N. G. Acharya and D. K. Marathe College who are not awarded any government scholarships or freeships. 

The committee invites applications from students in the month of July every year and scrutinizes the application forms.
Students are informed of the scheme through their respective class guardians.

Preference is given to the orphan students or students with single parent. 

The selection of students is done on the basis of their family background and financial condition. 
Attendance record and academic performance are also important criteria.

* Allocation of funds under this scheme for Aided Section is as follows-
          Distribution to Beneficiaries        75%          
          Book bank                                15% 
          Student Related Welfare Activity  5%
          Emergency Cases                       5%

* SWF committee has been effectively working to reach out to maximum number of needy students. 

Distribution of funds for Aided Section in the last 3 years- 
Year                No, of Beneficiaries            Total Amount Distributed      
2012-13                      53                               Rs. 1,19,000/=
2013-14                      54                               Rs. 94,000/=
2014-15                      73                               Rs. 98,000/=

*Emergency cases mainly include medical emergency like surgery or hospitalization. 

* In the academic year 2012-13, Ms. Diksha Gaiwkad (TYBCom) had to undergo an urgent surgery for which SWF helped her with Rs. 10,000/-

* In the year 2013-14, Mr. Dinesh Panjage (FYBcom) was given Rs. 5000/= for his eye surgery. 

Students Welfare Fund Committee of N.G. Acharya And D.K. Marathe College is an approachable forum for the financially weaker students of the college. The committee wishes to continue this mission in the years to come. 


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